Who Am I?

My name’s Devon Howes and I write sometimes. What I write varies wildly. Some days I’m in a noir mood, while other days I want to shout to the heavens about a smoothie I once made. It all depends. What on, I’m not sure. But what I am sure about is that it’ll be something I love, something I want to explore, delve into, and unpack (Ok, maybe the smoothie recipes aren’t that deep). I just want to write about everything, for everything. When you have words at your disposal, there is no limit.

Every blog needs a face but this blog can wait. I want my words to speak first, appearances can come later. I want to celebrate things in the world around me, the art that makes me cry, the songs that fill my dreams, and the need to create that tingles my bones. 

For those who really wish to know who I am, I’m this: an optimist, a perfectionist, a realist. I believe that the smallest of changes can lead to the largest impact. I think a tidy home = a tidy mind. I hum to myself in the shower, talk to my plants, and I am always there to hug the ones I love. Sometimes I get words wrong or mixed up. Sometimes I’m selfish. Sometimes I make tea and forget about it. Sometimes I make mistakes, the little and the big. It’s all because I’m human. I’m just here to experience what I can, when I can. 

That’s me.