About Me

Hi! My name’s Devon Howes and I write sometimes. What I write varies wildly. Some days I’m in a noir mood, while other days I’m gushing about the creative talents behind a film that made me cry. It all depends. What on, I’m not entirely sure. But what I am sure about is that it’ll be something I love, something I want to explore, delve into and unpack. I just want to write about everything that holds my attention. When you have the words at your disposal there is no limit.

For those who really wish to know who I am, I’m this: an optimist, a perfectionist, and a realist. I believe that the smallest of changes can lead to the largest impact. I think a tidy home = a tidy mind. I hum to myself in the shower, talk to my plants, and I am always there to hug the ones I love. Sometimes I get words wrong or mixed up. Sometimes I’m selfish. Sometimes I make a mug tea and forget about it. It’s all because I’m human. I’m just here to experience what I can, when I can. 

As for this website, it’s a portfolio, a dumping ground, or a hub – all descriptions are apt. I’ll be updating the site with the work I’ve published, who I’ve worked for/with, and where around the internet you can find me. Mostly, this site is for me. Here is a place I can map out my experiences, what they taught me, and decide what I will carry forward. I’m always learning and always growing and this site will reflect that.

Editor’s note: A friend has pointed out to me that my grammar on various blog posts is, for lack of a better description, bad. My answer to that is simple, my blog isn’t here to be an example of the work I’m capable of.

this website [is] a dumping ground…

My writing will follow my natural vocal patterns and habits, including a lot of pauses (commas) and sarcasm and all the other weird ways I speak. If you’d like to see my professional abilities feel free to browse my portfolio.