Shit, I’m Not a Woman

Disclaimer: this post explores my personal understanding and experience with gender. This may differ from yours. That’s ok.

Back in 2019, I published a blog post called “Shit, I’m a Lesbian“. At the time, I was a newly out lesbian trying to make sense of all the confusing things from my childhood that stopped me from realising that I am about as straight as a roundabout. Like how people will say: “But, you had crushes on men” Nope, all my friends did and I wanted to fit in. “You said you were bisexual” Whoops, I was wrong. Y’know, unpacking that kind of stuff.

In that post, I said:

Change happens. No your sexuality isn’t going to change at the flick of a switch: you are who you are. It’s the way you identify that changes. You realise something, admit it to yourself, accept it. Breath it in and sit with it.

And, I still stand by that. Things didn’t change overnight but as I’ve slowly carved out my own understanding of my sexuality, the topic of gender entered the ring.

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