Web Consultancy Group

In the Summer of 2016 and 2017, I undertook copy writing work experience with Web Consultancy Group, Middlesbrough. During both occasions, I worked on articles for a variety of clients, every day was different; one day I was challenged to write an engaging article about concrete dividers, followed by a blog for a funeral directory.

Industry I created content for include: dance wear, chiropractors, innovative technologies, home improvement, architecture, and vacation accommodation.

During the weeks I spent with Web Consultancy Group, I created a stock of articles – some of which are sadly no longer available. Here, I found my writing developed as I adopted a professional tone, speaking on behalf of a company rather than myself. Plus, tips and notes from my editor really helped me develop better writing habits.

For more articles, please follow the links below. Some of these articles are sadly no longer available, but allowed me to approach interesting topics that are certainly worth highlighting:

Devon made a great impression on us during her works experience in August 2016. It was impressive to see her take the initiative and contact us directly. When she contacted us again in 2017 to come back, we were happy to grant the request.

Throughout her second time with us Devon continued to deliver an exceptionally high standard of work, even when given tricky new topics to look at.

Simon Welch, Content Writing Supervisor

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