Web Consultancy


Web Consultancy Group


Volunteer Copywriter


2016 – 2017


  • Copy writing
  • Idea generation
  • Research


In the Summers of 2016 and 2017, I joined Web Consultancy Group in Middlesbrough for a period of work experience.

During this time, I worked on articles for a variety of clients, from architectures to eco-funerals, weddings to the Royal Ascot. Every day was different. This diversity allowed me to research and explore completely new areas, figure out particular topics of interest, and experiment with new voices and audiences.

Devon made a great impression on us during her works experience in August 2016. It was impressive to see her take the initiative and contact us directly. When she contacted us again in 2017 to come back, we were happy to grant the request.

Throughout her second time with us Devon continued to deliver an exceptionally high standard of work, even when given tricky new topics to look at.

Simon Welch, Content Writing Supervisor

Time has past and thus, certain articles are no longer available. Please find below a selection of those that are:

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