The Creative Branch

I’ve been with The Creative Branch since July 2019 as a Marketing Assistant and Content Creator.

Currently, my role revolves around planning and crafting social media content, social ads, articles, emailers, and press releases for a variety of clients.

From July to December 2019, I wrote and published over 72 blogs with an estimated overall word count of 28,800.

I love creating content for our various clients as I get to delve into different industries; like interior design, hoteliers, real estate agencies, wholesalers, and more. No two days are ever the same and I’m constantly learning and loving it.

Top Five Blogs of 2019

The links above highlight articles that I particular enjoyed creating, ones that performed well or we loved by a clients. They’re the best examples of my work as of January 2020. For more blog content, please visit my 2019 master document:

As we get further into 2020, I will no doubt be updating my top five blogs and adding a link to my 2020 master doc. I look forward to seeing where my role takes me and what other industries I will get the opportunity to explore.

Need some content creating for your blog? Get in touch by filling out the form on my contact page!

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