Penguin Random House

Marketing Assistant

October 2020 – May 2021

During June 2018, I undertook a two week work experience in Penguin Random House’s Stand office. Focusing on Children’s Marketing and Publicity, I spent my time mailing promotional material, sitting in on advertising meetings, and working with a fantastic team of passionate and lovely people.

Following my return to the North, Penguin published my article about my experience working with them: Meet Devon – Work Experience in Penguin Random House Children’s Marketing and Publicity.

Additionally, while in London, I used the Spare Rooms Project to find somewhere to stay. Through the project, I found a room close to the centre of London, just around the corner from The British Museum. 

My experience with the project is up on the Publisher’s Association website: Devon Howes on her Spare Room Project experience.

View from the steps of The British Museum

My time in the Big City allowed me to meet people from all over the country, and even abroad, and learn about their experiences and what direction they wish to take their career in. Because the work experience was paid, I was able to explore the city in my downtime and learn what London is about.

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