Penguin Random House

Job at a glace:

Role: Marketing Assistant in Children’s Marketing and Publicity

Dates: June 2018

Skills: Copy writing, editing, networking

In the Summer of 2018, I hopped on a train to London for a 2 week work experience opportunity at Penguin Random House’s office on The Strand. With a focus on Children’s Marketing and Publicity, I got an inside look at one of the world’s most popular book publishing houses, taking part in campaign development meetings and networking with professionals from all departments. The team I worked with and all the other students there on work experience, made my time in London this incredible, almost fantasy experience.

Though the role included primarily admin duties like mailing promotional material, I got to peak behind the scenes of the Tracy Beaker website, narrowly missed out on meeting Jacqueline Wilson, and stocked my suitcase with a million books. There was never a dull moment!

After returning home, I shared my experience working with Penguin on their blog: Meet Devon – Work Experience in Penguin Random House Children’s Marketing and Publicity.

Although initially anxious about staying in London, I managed to snag a place through the Spare Rooms Project. This project specifically supports people looking to get into publishing find somewhere to stay while they work/interview/gain experience in London. The room I was assigned ended up being within walking distance of work and just around the corner from The British Museum.

My experience using the Spare Room Project was later shared on Publisher’s Association website, thought sadly that link has since been deactivated following a site restructure.

View from the steps of The British Museum

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