Lancaster Arts

Job at a glace:

Role: Marketing Intern

Dates: February 2021 – April 2021

Skills: Social media management, graphic design, event management, PR.

For a short time I was a member of the Lancaster Arts’ Marketing team. As an internship provided by the Careers Service at Lancaster University, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to boost my marketing experience, refine my skills, and try out the arts sector. Plus, the role fit in well with my class schedule and part-time job at Wibbly Wobbly Burger Bar.

My main role within the team was to assist in boosting the awareness of the upcoming Beacon’s Project. To do this, I collaborated with the Project Manager and Student Ambassadors to create a social media plan, message, and graphics in the lead up to a public broadcast. Marketed as a ‘happening’ in compliance with COVID safety measures, the Beacons Project took messages of love and hope, as submitted by Lancaster University students and Alumni, and broadcast them across campus in an impressive display of light and sound.

To prepare for the event, my role included drafting university wide communications alongside personalised messaging targeting groups and societies with the skills we needed – performers, climbers, demonstrators. I proofed blogs, web pages, and social content for the Lancaster Arts and Beacons channels to ensure a consistent message.

As I was living across the country at the time, my role on the day of the happening was to manage the Beacon’s social media. On the 12th March, after weeks of teasing locations, sharing snippets of messages, and working with Artist David Boultbee to define what the broadcast would be, the sky above campus came to life.

I worked with those on the ground, including performers on the rooftops, those monitoring social distancing and the Project Manager, in order to keep the Beacons Project and Lancaster Arts Instagram accounts active on the day. I shared shots and videos from behind the scenes, introduced the cast, and released the final locations where performers would take to the rooftops, all in colour to symbolise the campus coming to life.

In my write up of the event, I noted how “As a Masters student studying at Lancaster University for the first time, it was inspiring to witness students and staff coming together to shine light into the darkness.”

While talking to my team following the event, Beacons Ambassador, Goda remarked, “it was incredible to be able to share ideas…to collectively create and enjoy the creative process”. And I couldn’t agree more. Beacons wasn’t just an artistic display for the campus, but an collaboration between Lancaster Arts, students, and established artists that fuelled creativity after months of lockdown.

My favourite messages to come from the anonymous submissions of students:

“[Lancaster University is] The place I’ve learned to love and grow, let love in from others and myself.”


“We are stars of the night, together a constellation”


Though my role was set to continue into the Summer, I had to resign early to take on a full-time position at the University of Cumbria. However, I look forward to seeing how the Beacons project continues online and the digital legacy it will leave. Despite working with the team over Zoom, that did not detract from my experience. I had an amazing time working with the Project Manager, Danni Ash, and will absolutely jump at the opportunity to work together again!

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