Lancaster Arts


Lancaster Arts


Marketing Assistant Intern


Jan 2021 – April 2021


  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Event management
  • PR


For a short time I was a member of the Lancaster Arts’ Marketing team. As an internship provided by the Careers Service at Lancaster University, it was the perfect opportunity to boost my marketing experience, refine my skills, and get a taste of the arts industry.

My role was to assist in delivering the Beacons Project. Marketed as a ‘happening’ in compliance with COVID safety measures, the Beacons Project took messages of love and hope, as submitted by Lancaster University students and Alumni, and broadcast them across campus in an impressive display of light and sound.

I collaborated with the Project Manager and Student Ambassadors to create a social media plan, campaign messaging, and visual style. With this, I drafted PR releases and a number of university wide communications for email, notice boards, and flyers, alongside personalised messaging for specific groups and societies. Additionally, I created and edited content for the Lancaster Arts public website, including a blog and webpage.

Working remotely, I maintained activity on a number of Lancaster Arts social media accounts at the time of the ‘happening’, sharing fresh imagery, videos, and student messages for those who did not get to witness the event in person.

As a Masters student studying at Lancaster University for the first time, it was inspiring to witness students and staff coming together to shine light into the darkness.

While talking to my team following the event, Beacons Ambassador, Goda remarked, “it was incredible to be able to share ideas…to collectively create and enjoy the creative process”. And I couldn’t agree more. Beacons wasn’t just an artistic display for the campus, but an collaboration between Lancaster Arts, students, and established artists that fuelled creativity after months of lockdown.

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