Freelance Portfolio

I offer a range of Freelance Services via Fiverr, Upwork, and Private networks. This work allows me to explore interests outside of my professional role and experience with writing for different industries. They also offer fun learning opportunities as I conduct extensive research into businesses and terminology.

Here is a list of my completed work to explore.

Kit Buildings UK | Manufacturing

The Benefits of Cold-Rolled Steel

At Kit Buildings UK, we’re here to create storage solutions that last a lifetime. If you’re adding storage space to your home or expanding your business, we craft strong, lightweight structures that are guaranteed to last 50 years…

Writer | October 2022

How Long Does a Steel-Framed Building Last?

Steel-framed buildings can last decades. At Kit Buildings UK, we guarantee a 50-year life for our steel buildings. As a material, steel is strong, durable, and adaptable, meaning your investment will stay standing for decades to come…

Writer | October 2022

Are Steel Building Sustainable?

Steel is one of the most sustainable materials used in the construction of buildings. Not only can steel be recycled, again and again, but it’s also incredibly long-lasting and low waste…

Writer | October 2022

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