8 Artists to Follow on Instagram

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Over a year ago, I put together a list of Artists to Follow Online. This list featured 6 amazing artist whose work had touched and inspired me. It was a list featuring beauty and talent from people whose work I wish I could afford.

Now, I present a new list: Artists to Follow on Instagram. Funnily enough, this list features females only. Unintentional as it is, I feel like with the revelation of my sexuality and heightened awareness of feminine issues, it only makes sense that my taste in art would gravitate towards the works of women.

So without further ado, here’s 8 artists you should be following on Instagram.

Sacrée Frangine

Instagram | Etsy

First on our list is Sacrée Frangine. A creative duo of artistic directors and illustrators, Celia and Aline have been partners in graphic design since 2016.

The work of the Frangines is inspired by portraits, still life and feminine themes that explore the beauty of simple things and everyday life.

Celia and Aline

Their work focuses on minimalist compositions that portray a harmony between shapes and colours. Some of my favourite work features bold, coloured areas, silhouettes, and a mix of yellow and burnt orange.

With a portfolio comprised of abstract and figurative pieces, their work emits positive, calm vibes.

Sonal Nathwani

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Inspired by what captures her attention, whether it be natural, man made, light/shadow, colour, or structure, Sonal’s work is full of passion.

Her work can be found not only on canvas, but on any surface she deems in need of beautification. Her process typically involves beginning with a painted or hand drawn motif which is then developed digitally to create bold, colourful designs for products and textiles.

I am infinitely inspired by nature. My work embraces color, a free spirit and the beauty of imperfection.

Sonal Nathwani

Sara Boccaccini

 Instagram | Website

Originally from the Peak District, Sara now creates art in New York. Taking inspiration from the tiny details seen in nature and her everyday surroundings, she creates these unique, calming, and colourful illustration.

Her primary materials are watercolours, gouache, and ink pen which add an imperfect authenticity to every piece. Buildings are crooked and roads are winding, and yet every speck of detail draws you in to these real, but romanticised landscapes.

Laura Horn

Instagram | Website | Shop

Laura is an Australian abstract artist who runs online classes, a store, and an excellent podcast (I am obsessed). Her work combines so many colours in soft shades. She layers watercolour with pens, patterns, and acrylics.

Right now I am high-key tempted to sign up to her ‘Abstract Adventuring Online Class’ which is currently 20% off.

Hannah Grimes


Beginning very early in life, Hannah found a deep love for art and design in Primary School. Now, she’s studying a Fine Arts Degree at Lancaster University. I was lucky enough to live with this amazing artist last year and whether she was doodling for fun or painting for her portfolio, her work is always stunning.

She has experience working with textiles, silk screen printing, clay, wood, acrylic, water colours, and oil paint.

Currently I am working with the concept of art as a process or a product. Exploring through different uses of mixed media I.e. stencils, colour and collage. My themes constantly change cause I believe that no art work is the exact same and therefore my art work constantly changes and evolves.

Hannah Grimes

Hannah understands that inspiration comes from everywhere and weaves in elements of Salvidor Dail, Jackson Pollarck and fascism artists Henri Mattis and Andre Derain.

Kasia Tatys

Instagram | Website

I was introduced to Kasia’s work at a pop-up exhibit last year. Hosted in partnership with my housemate (Georgina Harris, who’s name you may recognise from my previous ‘Artists to Follow‘ post), the work showcased at the Living in Time and Space exhibit really hit me.

Kasia’s art offers a whole unique experience. Focusing on memory and identity, she manages to illustrate the complexities our identities face and how they are constantly in flux.

In the process of creating my work I allow myself longer periods of time where I attempt to recall from memories very personal to myself (this could be anything from specific events/people/objects/places or associations which come and go in the space of seconds).


To portray this, Kasia uses charcoal and pencil which offers a temporary, ethereal feel.

Anastasia Suvorova

Instagram | Website

A freelance illustrator from Russia, Anastasia’s art has been used in picture books, advertisements, magazines and posters. It seems simple at first glass, but her work is more reminiscent of Gris the video game, mentioned in my last ‘Artists to Follow’ post.

I would love to explore her work in an interactive medium as each piece/series crafts a story purely through the power of visuals. This narrative is evocative, emotional, and really lends itself to further contemplation.


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I discovered Chloe’s work while I was searching for Sailor Moon fan art. Yes, that’s something I do. And in my search I found this amazing piece of digital art depicting Sailor Mars (as seen below).

I’m not sure what it is about Chloe’s work that keeps me hooked, but I cannot resist staring at each piece. Perhaps it’s the way she doesn’t shy from depicting female bodies as feminine, perhaps it’s the fashion, or even the winged eye-liner. I’ll never know. All I know is that I won’t be clicking ‘unfollow’ any time soon.

Like this list? Make sure to give all these artists a follow and check out their online stores so you can enjoy their beautiful work offline as well!

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Recently, I’ve made an effort to fill every part of my life with the things that make me happy. As a huge lover of art living with Fine Art students, there’s a constant channel of sharing the work of those we love.

Now, instead of my social feed being filled with how the world is falling apart (although some days that inescapable), it’s brightened by the art of skilled individuals who all manage to find beauty in this world and use that to create. Here’s a list of artists who will brighten up your feed, while imbuing you with a sense of hope and passion.

Jessica Andersdotter

Jessica Andersdotter is an abstract digital artist who takes inspiration from photography and other artists to develop her own unique style. She’s  constantly experimenting with Photoshop and photography to develop new works, which she shares online all the time. Her portfolio contains a wide variety of digital art, from edited floral compositions, to abstract waves of colour. One of my favourite pieces is Talia (left) in a series of works with human names.

Jessica often shares the work of other artists, those she takes inspiration from and those who she simply loves – either on her blog or on social media. Andersdotter frequently talks about her creative process, allowing her audience to experience what goes on behind the computer/in her mind. By following her, you get a personal insight into the life on an artist.

Twitter | Instagram| Website

Melissa McCracken

Melissa McCracken is an American artist with Synesthesia who paints music. By using a mix of oils and acrylics, McCracken creates a visual representation of the songs she is listening to, sharing with the world how she experiences music.  

In an interview with MyModernMet in 2017, McCracken said “the most wonderful ‘brain malfunction’ of all is seeing the music I hear. It flows in a mixture of hues, textures, and movements, shifting as if it were a vital and intentional element of each song.” McCracken’s art is best experienced alongside the songs which have inspired them.

Choosing a favourite of Melissa’s works is difficult as each painting resonates on a new level. ​ Though, that being said, “What Was It You Said About Luck?” stands out with it’s delicate purples, pinks, and yellows merging together like smoke into clouds. 

Instagram | Website

Viv Tanner

Viv Tanner is a Swiss Freelance Artist and Illustrator, specialising in 2D Animation. Primarily sharing work on her social media accounts, Viv has a unique 2D art style that appears simple at first glance, but incorporates complex colour grading that creates a visually stunning experience. 

Currently, Viv is developing content for her online collaborative comic, Heart of Gold, with Eli Baum. Some of Viv’s Instagram portfolio includes fanart for Netflix’s Stranger Things and Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Humanhowever, the majority of content is original.

Gris is a stunning 2D platformer currently in development [set for release on Nintendo Switch and PC this December]. While not working on the game directly, Viv created a piece (left) for #indiegzine. This piece is perfect at presenting Viv’s use of a mellow colour palette in her digital art.

Twitter | Instagram | Website

Leonid Afremov

‘The End of Patience’ is perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve ever seen. Incorporating the entire rainbow, Leonid creates a rainy autumnal scene; umbrella up, a lady walks away from a park bench, where she has seemingly sat for a while. 

Afremov is a cheat entry as he doesn’t actually have social media, that’s just where I found his work. He’s a Russian-Israeli modern impressionistic artist who works primarily with a palette knife and oils. One can only imagine the textures on the canvas. 

His work is free from cultural influence in that there are no hidden meanings or political agendas, just art that reflects his personal experiences and emotions.


Scott Naismith

Scott Naismith is an artist I found though Instagram’s explore page. I saved his painting of Ben Tianavaig, Skye (left) and completely forgot about it! Thankfully I rediscovered this painting in my saves and began following him properly. 

Naismith, like Afremov, uses vivid colours. However, Naismith adopts a vigorous application method to represent the fast changing light conditions of the Scottish landscape. He focuses on the sky, presenting hope and optimism through the skies transition from dark to light.

Simply put, his work leaves me in awe. And, if you look in your local T K Maxx, you may even be able to find some of his pieces for a good price!

Instagram | Twitter| Website

Georgina Harris

As mentioned above, I live with two Fine Arts students, which makes for quite a creative household. And, thankfully, Georgina was more than happy to be featured in this post.

When talking about her work, Georgina said she loves “working with vivid colour and big brushstrokes to describe an experience. Like the experience of being in a vast forest, or in a small room with someone, or just the sensation of hands touching.”

Left, we have one of my favourite pieces of Georgina’s. I adore the intimacy of the piece and how all the fleshy tones meld together. All her paintings seem to create an intimate atmosphere (even her landscape works) and present her connection to the subject. When discussing her work, she said she aims to “create…a narrative that captures these experiences in their essence.”

Instagram | Website

Check out all these amazing artists and share your favourite artists below! Filling social media with such beautiful things has improved the time I spend online. I completely recommend adding beauty to everywhere you can.