Black Lives Matter

All Lives Don’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter.

No justice, No Peace.

Click the link to find out how you can help the Black Lives Matter Movement. By signing petitions and donating to various funds, you’re helping drive a positive change across the world. Plus, there’s a map to help you find protests happening near you.

There are still ways to help without spending money: Stream this Youtube playlist where all ad revenue is donated to BLM funds (You don’t have to watch each video, just pause your ad blocker and mute the video. By having them on in the background, creators and thus BLM funds will still collect money from ads). OR, for those who like playing mobile games, download U-DON. It’s pretty fun and developed by a group of students who aim to shed a light on global events.

Notes: Do Not Donate Your Money To Shaun King. Plus, when signing a petition you will be asked to contribute to boost the petition; this money all goes to and not the petition makers.

Best way to donate is to visit funding pages directly. You can support individuals, victims, protesters affected by police brutality or organisations striving to make change.

For UK specific petitions and funds, visit the Resources to Aid Anti-Racism In the UK document. There’s petitions calling for our Government to reform the school curriculum and include Black British history within the syllabus, how to contact your MP, and UK charities /campaigns that need financial aid.

Support Creatives

Whether they’re influencers, artists, filmmakers, or models, diversify your timeline by following Black creators.

What we read on social media informs who we are and has larger effects on our mental health than we may notice. It’s fine to take a break during these traumatic times, but when you return assess whose opinions you’re taking in. Whose voice you’re supporting and amplifying.

Support Black freelancers and organisations, share their tweets, celebrate and buy their art, and answer their calls for action.

And remember, when brands aim to sponsor or collaborate with creators they look at their follower count. By following more Black creators, you’re encouraging brands to work with them. You’re telling companies that these creators are who you wish to see using their products.

Things to Remember

It is not the job of Black people to educate you on Black history. Sit down and spend the time educating yourself and if someone in your life commits time to helping you learn, listen to them. Uncomfortable conversations are a step in the right direction.

Silence is no longer an option. Take note of who in your live is speaking up and who isn’t. Take note of the words people within your circle use. Remember, ‘political differences’ are a perfectly valid reason to cut ties with someone.

Don’t put yourself in danger. We’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, so if you’re high risk or an essential worker or living with someone who is, consider your safety. There are ways you can have your voice heard from home. If you decide to attend a protest or memorial, the BLMM have some handy resources available for protesters.

This page was created as a portal to official resources. If you come across this page or my website, please use it as a stepping stone to taking part. All lives cannot matter until Black lives matter. The movement will not end until change is made and justice is found.