Lancaster Arts: Marketing Internship

This Spring and Summer term, I’ll be joining the team at Lancaster Arts for an internship in Marketing!

My job will involve helping students become more connected with the arts, creativity, and their community through artistic projects hosted by Lancaster Arts. I’ll be posting on their social media, making posters, writing blogs, and generally creating fun creative content around upcoming projects, online and on campus.

Lancaster Arts is all about:

the questioning of what constitutes the artistic, the social, the political and the personal

Something I, as a sociology and literature student, am very passionate about. Every project of theirs is different and unique, using place, space, and community in inventive ways that I want to see more of in mainstream art, performances, and music.

I’m hoping that this internship will not only help me maintain my Marketing skills, but improve and encourage creative thinking, build artistic connections, and help me move away from the formulaic agency Marketing I had become accustomed with.

My Goals

During my internship, I’d like to achieve the following things:

  • Continue the “digital album” aspect of the @lancasterartsuk Instagram. With a distinct style and voice that translates to all platforms that helps volunteers and paid contributors post consistent, uniform content.
  • Increase video content, experimenting with reels and tiktok, and live streaming for special events.
  • Increase accessibility of events and Lancaster Art’s history through engaging video and web content that students can enjoy and engage with remotely.
  • Help champion student voices through projects, reaching out and including different departments not traditionally associated or involved in the arts.


The first project on my to-do list is Beacons! Collaborating with Lancaster University and Artist David Boultbee of BREADart, we’ll be taking student’s messages of love and hope and shouting them from the rooftops in a live performance this March.

To see more of what Beacons is about, you’re going to need to follow us over on @beacons_lu! And, if you’re a Lancaster University student, please send us your message to the campus via the link in the bio.

I’ll be sharing more about my internship, the projects I’m working on, and all the writing I do over on a dedicated Lancaster Arts: Marketing Internship page coming soon!

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