Here’s to a Better New Year

Last year I sat and wrote this post with hope and excitement seeping from my finger tips. In early 2020, I was a fresh graduate working part-time at a Marketing Agency, my life’s journey was just beginning. Now, I’m a Master’s student Marketing an on-campus indie business remotely. And, though I had the desire to do a Masters and was considering freelance/small indie work pre-March 2020, these decisions were certainly not made with the same mindset I would have held last year.

Admittedly, I could be in a worse position. I have a friends who support me, an amazing boss, and I am still enrolled on a course with thoroughly engaging material. However, my mental health has taken a massive dip and being forced to leave Lancaster sucks hard. It really sucks. I wished to leave on my own terms, having moved on from the student life it offered, instead I was booted out by COVID-19.

So, going into 2021 my goals have been adapted into ones I can still achieve in a COVID-19 climate. Without further ado, here’s my 2021 goals.


Maintain Connections to Friends Remotely

2020 has been the year of remote hang outs. Despite being streets apart, my friends and I (excluding Ellis because we lived together) have had to satiate our social bug with Netflix parties and games of Among Us. Now that I am 70 miles away and unable to take advantage of restrictions being lifted in the future (if they’re lifted at all), I need to put more effort into my social life by diversifying activities, reaching out to more friends, and properly scheduling ahead of time.

Embrace Creative Urges

In recent weeks my mind has had this huge draw to create. It’s like a tsunami blasting onto shore, an overwhelming surge of creative urges that demand to be satiated. The one issue is that this tsunami carries no debris, no imagery or poetic lines, anything to get the cogs actually turning. Instead it’s this empty energy that forces me to scramble and search for fragments with which I can draw inspiration from. It’s quite panic inducing sometimes, making me feel like a failed writer before I’ve even begun.

My goal in 2021 is to develop a strategy to combat the emptiness; perhaps through a stock of creative prompts, snippets of old works I’ve written, or maybe just a playlist of stimulating music that may prolong these urges while I find something to draw upon. I need a tactic to help me ride these waves rather than drowning.

Create a Positive Personal Space at Home

Moving home was always going to be a challenge. I’d become accustomed to LARGE bedroom with separate areas for sleep, work, and play. I even had a designated area for drying laundry. Sadly, my room at home isn’t even half the size, meaning all these separated area I had are now blended together. My laundry is blocking my bookcase, my TV now sit strangely close to my bed, and I can’t even fit my armchair anywhere.

It’s a disaster. So this New Year, I need to find a way to make this space flow, calm all the colours, and find a place for all the little bits and bobs lingering out in the open from my move. Plus, I’d like to finally purchase art from all the amazing creatives I follow on Instagram and create an overwhelmingly inspiring feature wall.


Complete Masters with at least a 2:1 grade.

I like to keep it realistic when it comes to my grades, so I’m fully aware that a 1st is beyond my reach (especially at Masters level). Honestly, I’ll be over the moon to achieve a 2:1 on this course. Going into the academic year, I had to remind myself that I enrolled purely to learn, to expand my knowledge of media and feminism in all their many facets. All I can do is my best when it comes to assignments and if that means I conclude this degree with a 2:1, then I’ll be happy.

Secure a Post-Graduation Position Within the Arts

Now, this is truly the most challenging goal on this list. Following the Coronavirus’s impact on the UK economy, job security, and opportunities, securing a role within the arts may be near impossible. Even in 6 months time. So, in the mean time I will focus on developing my knowledge of the arts, my upcoming internship at Lancaster Arts (More to be said about that at a later date), and reaching out to creative companies that I would like to work with in whatever capacity.

If all else fails and I can’t secure a role in the lead up to my graduate, I will throw everything I have into developing my own freelancing portfolio. I’d love to use my skills to help support small, local businesses and in 6 months time more businesses may be looking for help as they hopefully get up and running again.

Achieve All My Goals for Wibbly Wobbly Burger

As the only Marketing person within Wibbly Wobbly Burger Bar it’s my job to take our business goals and develop marketing strategies to help us achieve those. Right now, while I’m aware of our general goals and priorities going into the New Year, the finer details still need outlining. So, whether it’s exploring new online platforms/outlets, mixing up our social content, or shaking up our website, I’m looking forward to seeing where I can take the WibWob brand in 2021.

Within this, I will be developing my graphic design and web design skills, so make sure to keep an eye on WibWob’s Instagram and Website to see what I am creating.

I truly hope that these goals will be achievable regardless of COVID-19 and it’s impact on opportunities and mental health. While I always endeavour to post more frequently on this blog, I can never actually promise that which is why it’s not something featured in the above list. However, I am considering making structural changes to my entire website soon, so if things look amiss that will be why.

Thank you for checking out my probably mundane 2021 goals. Feel free to share your goals down below! And, I believe it goes without saying but I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Stay safe and stay kind!

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