Ranking My Animal Crossing Villagers

This morning I watched a YouTube video by artist mxmtoon where she created a PowerPoint to rank her Animal Crossing: New Horizon villagers. And that got me thinking…should I do the same? The simple answer is of course yes. So, meet the villagers of Deliaton!

Least Favourite (No 6):


  • Calls me Cardio and only talks about working out.
  • Bad at interior design.
  • Keeps away from other villagers.
  • Always ill or sweating?
  • His name reminds me that Big Bang Theory is a thing and that’s a crime within itself.

Honestly, might have him kicked out soon.

A Permanent Visitor (No 5):


  • A bulky boy with a smug face.
  • Horrible fashion sense.
  • Never teach me anything or gives me recipe cards.
  • Nook forced me to invite him to live in Deliaton…

Just not vibing with this camper turned resident.

Shape of Water (No 4):


  • Been there since the start.
  • Always giving me recipe cards.
  • Has given me some ugly furniture as a gift.
  • Only ever see her in the town square, doesn’t seem to explore other areas of the island.
  • Likes to fish outside her house.

I like Diva, she’s a valued neighbour with a strange taste in furniture.

Pep in Her Step (No 3)


  • Always exploring, reading books, and running up to me to chat.
  • She’s taught me different emotional reactions.
  • Supper sweet even when you give her weird presents.
  • A peppy villager who I can support.

I invited her to Deliaton for a reason. She’s the cheerleader we all need in life.

A Woodland Walker (No 2):


  • Classed as ‘lazy’ but is just super chill.
  • His home is so cozy and reminds me of autumn in the woods.
  • Wears the same clothes 24/7 – yet I’ve never seen him sweat so I guess it’s fine.
  • Likes to observe and catch bugs.

He’s a lovely lazy boy that I want to protect.

A Dumbass in Disguise (No 1):


  • Dresses like a grandma.
  • Always wants to chat to me and any visitors.
  • Doesn’t understand the meaning behind words and thus calls my friend ‘Inexperienced Crybaby’.
  • Just super normal and I love her.

I’m personally offended that mxmtoon kicked her out of her town…

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! We do have a new villager who is moving in today called Boyd. First impressions tell me I won’t be a big fan of a cranky gorilla villager, but we’ll wait and see.

I understand that this may be bottom of the barrel content, but I had fun writing it and cracking jokes about my villagers.

Who are your favourite villagers? What do you think of the guys above? Let me know down below.

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