Here’s to a New Year | 2020 Goals

2020 marks the start of a new decade and I’m daunted with the prospect of another 10 years….y’know before climate change wipes us off the face of the planet in 2030. Bad joke? Please donate to Australia’s fire relief.

In all seriousness, now that I’ve graduated I really want to work on myself and find more in life to be excited about. I want to work on passion projects, make rubbish art, and indulge in every area of film, video games, and literature that I can.

However, the majority of my goals for 2020 are life related: home, work, and travel. They’re goals that’ll hopefully set me up for an exciting future, one where there’s always something fun around the corner. So, without further ado, here’s my top 5 goals of 2020.

Say goodbye to Lancaster

Back in 2016, I moved to Lancaster for University. Though I was used to moving around Middlesbrough and Stockton, Lancaster was the first place I truly got to live alone. Now I’m in my fourth year of residency and I’m ready to move on.

In my time here, I found that this town is perfect for students and graduates, but there is only so much you can do. I’ve discovered every nook and cranny, tried every cup of coffee, and even explored the wider area. This year, it’s time for me to move on and let my student life go.

Move away from my laptop

As a digital marketing assistant, I spend the majority of my day on the computer. Then, when I come home I open up my laptop, pop on Brooklyn Nine Nine or some Youtube videos and spend the next three hours staring at the screen before drifting off to sleep.

It’s not a healthy lifestyle and my eyes are begging me to chill out.

In 2020, I want to take a step back from the screen. Instead I want to spend my evenings painting, reading, or hanging out with a friend – something that really lets me relax and let go after a busy work day.

Establish healthy eating habits

I have terrible eating habits. Plain and simple. I rely on snacks, oats, and yogurt, rarely cooking a proper meal. And it’s evident that it’s affecting my day-to-day life. 

So, for 2020 I need to stop eating like a starving student and actually focus on keeping my body running and alive.

There’s so much I want to do, responsibilities that require my full attention and focus, and if my body can’t keep up I’m not going to make it far.

Write more for myself

This is a goal I have every year. “Don’t just write for an assignment”, “Do something creative outside of class”, blah de blah. But since my graduation back in July, I haven’t done any creative writing.

I have projects from my Uni days that I’m dying to revisit, to improve, and fall in love with again; but damn is my brain not cooperating. Maybe I’m burning myself out by writing so much for work? I’m constantly doing blogs and social media content, so other creative endeavours just don’t seem as important.

But this year, I’d really like to revisit a play I’d written in 2018. Set over one evening, Olivia and Emmy celebrate their 3rd anniversary. They go for a walk in the park, a meal, and dessert. But old issues resurface as Olivia realises that proposing might not lead the happily ever after she’s been hoping for.

I’d like to explore a lesbian relationship that has over a decade of history, love, memories, and all the ups and downs. I want it to be heart-warming but realistic; an avenue to craft compelling dialogue. I want it to be something that’d have me crying all night as I relive every moment, the thrilling and the devastating.

I really want it to be something just for me. And if other people like it, that’d be cool.

Revisit Paris

In April 2019, I joined a friend in Paris. And, it was AMAZING. Did the Notre Dame set on fire while I was napping in my hostel? Yes. But was every other aspect of the trip utterly surreal, beautiful, and fun? Definitely yes.

We visited the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. I discovered beignets, drank delicious coffee, and feasted like a king.

In 2020, I’d like to return and visit places we didn’t explore last time: Sacré-Cœur, Place de la Bastille, Petit Palais and so much more. The city is surprisingly easy to navigate, has beautiful gardens everywhere, and everyone I spoke to was really friendly.

In the very far future I’d love to live there for a time working in the video game industry and living my own gay fantasy. But, we’ll just have to see.

How will you be changing your life in 2020? Leave a comment down below!

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  3. This is great, but I see laptop an instrument to learn languages and brush up my language skills. Imagine this: While working by the computer, you can listen to foreign radio stations. Listening music for example from Paraguay, you can listen beautiful songs in Spanish, music, which never hade heard. While tired, you can watch news and series from Internet TV-stations and learn languages free!

    The world is open for us, if we want and I want! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

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