Five Bottles | In the Making

I am the first to sink your sorrows
to say goodbye and celebrate what’s past.
I’m the second to wash down the first
and wipe away your futile cries.
Open a third, to dull your pains
as I tingle down your throat.
I’m the fourth to promise clarity of mind
by drowning out your memory.
Finally, the fifth to open your smile wide,
To commiserate what’s past and say goodbye.

Notes on the piece:

Each drink brings something new. It’s not always what you’d expect, but you don’t know the situation. Based on a photographic prompt in class, the poem personifies the alcohol which sat on the table at a party. Everyone’s drinking. Some drink for joy, others to escape.

It’s not clear what brought everyone together, but they’re not all having the same experience. In the corner sits a lady and to her left is a man. She’s beautiful, dressed up, and frowning, staring at the glass in her hand. The man on the other hand, has his arm slung around another man’s shoulder. They’re smiling at the camera, happy to be captured in this moment. The woman shies away.

The poem tries to capture how alcohol effects people differently the more they drink, how it isn’t always to way you would expect, and how motivations may change along the way.

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