Her Lips

Her lips, like roses tilted in delight,
Her cheeks bloom like the sky at sunrise,
Her laugh, like a lullaby heard late at night,
Her scent so sweet, always a surprise.
With a twinkle in her eye, to behold her is
Something like a myth, unfathomable

Notes from my journal:

‘Her Lips’ is a simple poem. It doesn’t focus on technique or form, but on a moment. A moment of realisation, where you’re breathless, just the two of you nestle together, and you realise how beautiful she is. It may only happen once in your life, or every time you get a crush. But it happens.

I had written this at the beginning of second year when there was no ‘her’. When she was a dream. And then, somehow, I met her. Just at work. Someone real who captured this moment within me. And then, I met ‘her’ again. And again. And each time, something new comes to mind. Her lips on a new face and each time it’s beautiful even if it’s only for a moment. 

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